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    1. No attacking Players in starter ships they are off limits for PVP.
    2. PVP is ONLY allowed thru Faction war (declared wars faction vs faction).
    3. Max drills allowed 4(Large ship and Small ship).
    4. Turrets Idle Movement to be turned off at all times.
    5. No more than 2 Nanite Factories per faction.
    6. Max of 4 refineries, 4 Arc/Blast furnaces and 4 Assemblers.
    7. Block limit is at 30000 blocks per player, this is to allow players to have multiples ships of +/- 2000 block ships please do not exceed this limit or fear risk of ship removal.
      1. Any ship that exceeds a max of 4000 blocks will be removed.
    8. Name all ships and grids, this will help with the clean up process and eliminate the possibility of your ship being deleted.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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